Eddie Railey

President & CEO

Education: BS Finance, MBA, ME  Industrial Engineering

Years of experience: 25+

Eddie, LSS MBB,  has a successful history driving improvements in manufacturing, supply, and logistic operations for defense and corporate customers



AVOE Enterprise Solutions, LLC is an innovative, customer results driven consulting company focused on continuous process improvements and sustainable solutions. Established by two retired Army Reserve Soldiers, AVOE's leadership members have earned success in their professional careers, and demonstrate constant pursuit of excellence in Leadership Development, Continuous Process Improvement, and Project Management. Our goal is your success, and through development of the Strategic Plan, implementation of objectives, and other strategies we ensure our client's organizational enterprise reaches operational excellence.

Expertise Include: - Supply Chain & Logistic Management
- Strategic Planning
- Project Management
- Process Development
- Customer Relationship Management
- Manufacturing Operations
- Fiscal Management

- Military Veteran 


AVOE's members possess a proven track record with clients of seeking and understanding the voice of the customer. We tailor our efforts and application to provide innovative solutions, and gain maximum benefits for each organization. High performance requires a combination of approaches, applications, and tools to navigate through complex tasks. Our skilled members utilize their knowledge and experience to facilitate your organization, ensuring the application of proper tools at proper times for maximum effectiveness.